“I use joint balm in my clinic and it definitely assists in my clients recovery from sports injuries.  I also find, in comparison to other balms and creams I use, that Joint Balm stops my hands from aching at the end my working day.”  Brisbane sports injury therapist


“My arthritic knee is so much better after using Joint Balm for a month. It doesn’t swell up like it used to and my knee is not as stiff in the mornings.”  John 78 year old retiree



Joint Balm is a soothing, pleasant smelling balm that can be massaged directly into muscles and joints for soothing effects.

It contains a potent mixture of essential oils that have been used for centuries in massage balms and lotions to relax muscles and ease joints. 

Massaged into the skin, Joint Balm maximises effective penetration and efficacy of these oils.

The unique blend of natural extracts in Joint Balm enhances the absorption of the essential oils through the skin.

Additional information

Weight 0.12 kg

Devils claw, capsicum, ginger, black pepper – promote circulation to the joints and muscles, supporting nutrient intake and waste elimination, resulting in better functioning joints

Wintergreen and peppermint – have a cooling effect on joints to soothe and promote flexibility

Clove oil and arnica – stimulate circulation and peripheral blood supply and assist bruising and swelling

Glucosamine – assists in joint mobility and general joint health

Sea salt and ocean minerals – contain electrolytes which promote healthy functioning of muscles and joints.

JOINT BALM can soothe tired and sore muscles and joints

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