How UROX Works

UROX’s unique patented formula works to strengthen and tone the muscles in your bladder wall, pelvic floor and sphincter plus support healthy connective tissue in the surrounding area .

We all work hard to improve muscle tone on the outside…UROX helps to tone your inner muscles of the bladder.

Urox is a proprietary combination of specialised extracts of bladder toning herbs, and the culmination of 20 years of research and development into effective natural solutions for achieving bladder strength, tone and control.

This unique blend works by improving collagen and connective tissue support and relaxation and toning of the muscles in the bladder and surrounding area. This allows the bladder to fill appropriately and empty effectively.

It’s not a prescribed medication, and works naturally with your body and your bladder.

The unhealthy bladder

The unhealthy bladder

Much like muscles that have not been used in a while, an unhealthy bladder will have a weak, soft and thin muscle wall that simply does not have the strength or elasticity for optimal performance.

Your muscle wall has an important job to do. It should work hard to stop and start the flow of wee on your command, but if it is not in top condition, it simply won’t be able to do the job effectively.

A healthy bladder

A healthy bladder

A healthy bladder should look like this – pink, plump and firm, much like a strong, toned bicep muscle. The muscles of the bladder wall are working well to stop and start the flow of urine.

The UROX formula for healthy bladder tone

Our patented UROX formula specifically targets the bladder and surrounding tissues to promote normal urination and healthy, strong bladder tone.

Crateva, Horsetail and Lindera each have a long history of use in traditional Ayurvedic, Western and Chinese herbal medicine for improving bladder frequency and control. As a powerful antioxidant, Lindera root also acts as anti-aging support for the kidneys and bladder.

Through our years of research and development of UROX, we found specific extract concentrations of these herbs, in the right quantity, helped bladder performance by improving the tone and tissue strength of the bladder and surrounding area. The research proves the effectiveness of Urox.

Our latest randomised, placebo-controlled trial with Urox (containing Crateva, Horsetail and Lindera) produced statistically significant improvement in bladder control, urinary frequency (including night-time) and urgency; with less accidents, a significant reduction in pad use and greatly improved quality of life. (Ref: Schauss et al, 2015)

This research also shows UROX was very well tolerated.

See more about our research results.